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Home Inspector For A Newly Built House

Bent Nail Inspections Is A Home Inspection Essential For Your Newly Built Home

Prospective homeowners often ponder one crucial question, “Is a home inspection necessary for a brand-new house?” The response is – Yes. Despite common misconceptions, even newly constructed homes can exhibit issues, some potentially severe. This article highlights the significance of inspecting new construction, underlining the importance of protecting your investment.

Home Inspectors: What Do They Do?

As seasoned professional home inspectors, we assess a new construction’s overall health from foundation to roof, looking for code violations and uncovering safety, operational, and structural faults. And providing a comprehensive report that details the observations.

Reasons to Inspect a Newly Built House

Spotting Construction Defects

Despite being new, properties can possess defects due to hasty workmanship, human errors, or subpar materials.

Guaranteeing Building Code Compliance

Home inspectors verify that the property complies with local building codes.

Preserving Your Investment

Home inspections protect your investment, as early identification of issues can potentially save future repair expenses.

Myths Surrounding Home Inspections for New Properties

The assumption that a new build doesn’t require an inspection is a common mistake. Errors can occur, even in new constructions. An inspection serves as your safety net, ensuring everything is as it should be.

The Inspection Procedure

A standard home inspection comprises a thorough evaluation of various house components, including:

  • Structural elements: walls, ceilings, floors, roof, and foundation
  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing system
  • HVAC system
  • Interior and exterior elements

Appointing a home inspector for new construction might seem redundant, but it’s smart as a way to avoid future complications and unexpected expenses. Even though the house may appear flawless, numerous unseen issues could lurk beneath the surface. Hence, protect your investment with a detailed new construction inspection.

Remember, prevention is better than cure when investing in a new property. Don’t let your dream home become a nightmare of expensive repairs and code infringements. Find Confidence in Your Investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What aspects does a home inspector examine on a new property?

  • Home inspectors check for structural faults, system inefficiencies, safety risks, and compliance with building codes.

Is a final walk-through crucial for a new property?

  • Indeed, a final walk-through is crucial to confirm that all requested repairs are completed and the property is in the agreed condition.

Can the price be negotiated post the home inspection?

  • If the inspection uncovers significant faults, it can be a negotiation tool to reduce the purchase price or request repairs.
We were referred to Bent Nail for our 1 year home inspection. Bill was our inspector and we were pleasantly surprised as to how personable he was, talked us through everything, showed us any major issues we may have had and he was very professional. We received our report the same day. We would recommend Bent Nail to anyone needing a home inspection. He really did a through and great job!

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